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Jasper Smith

I teach parents of young children simple financial hacks that impact setting up their kids for a future of limitless opportunities.


Nobody tells parents they should start a financial plan for their child shortly after birth.

After becoming a parent, I realized that time was the secret sauce. If I started planning earlier, I could ensure my child would have a great financial head start. All I would need is a simple financial plan and the ability to coach my “village” on supporting that plan. Teaching parents how to do this is easy because I’m living it.

They say you don’t know what you don’t know. My duty is to help parents get into the know and set their children up for an incredible future.


About Jasper

Jasper, known as Mr. #BuildWealth (the hashtag is silent), works tirelessly to disrupt generational poverty™ for everyone so their kids, kids, kids can live a life of privilege. These generational cycles cannot be broken without the proper financial education. Having spent over 15 years in the financial services industry, he learned that everyone could become financially successful if properly equipped with the necessary tools. Plus, many people struggle with how to get started, who to turn to for sage financial advice, or deal with financial trauma. Jasper attacks all these issues head-on and sprinkles humor to help his audience push through and crush their financial goals.

Jasper is married to his lovely wife TiYanna, and they have one daughter, Jaslyn. It was the birth of his daughter which inspired his signature talk, Financial Planning Hacks for Parents. The financial planning hacks for parents were something Jasper would briefly mention during one of his other talks, but he quickly realized that the audience asked more questions about these hacks than anything else.

Jasper’s goal in any talk he delivers is to change how his audience thinks and feels about money. He looks forward to connecting and being a part of your next event so that, together, we can help more people achieve financial peace of mind and parents set their children up for a financially successful future.

Jasper Smith
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Jasper's Talks

Financial Planning Hacks for Parents

Every parent has the ability to set up their child for financial success in life. However, most parents are shocked by how quickly time flies and regret not starting sooner with saving and investing for their child. This session explores the (4) financial hacks every parent can implement today to set their kids up for a future of limitless opportunities.

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The 15-Minute Financial Plan

People believe that financial planning is too time-consuming. The 15-minute plan is here to save the day! Fifteen minutes is by no means enough time to do a comprehensive financial plan, but it's a start. This plan can help jump-start each attendee's financial planning program or serve as a good checkup for those who have already done some planning.

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Tax-Free Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement planning, you've got plenty of options. However, have you given much thought to the tax ramifications of your current solutions? This session explores the "three tax buckets" and where each solution fits within those buckets. We will also discuss an alternative solution that constantly gets overlooked for retirement value life insurance.

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Joann H. @ LinkedIn

"Thank you for speaking! Loved all your tips, it was enlightening, and your energy was super contagious!"

Terrell J. @ Visa

"Thank you for making the typically taboo subject of money and finance more approachable and comprehensive!"

Lawrence R. @ Uber

"Jasper has redefined how I think about life and money. The way he supports people who are first in their family on this type of journey is phenomenal!"
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"Your work is much needed and undervalued."

Fatima S. @ Spotify

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